I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

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“I literally feel like I’m oversharing.”

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Kendall Goode says:

im pooping

jessie summers says:

Does anyone know her Instagram?

Nancy Thompson says:

I have a double whammy, I have large breasts and a bigger tummy. So my options are a little on the lower side, but I think I'll try being a bit more body positive and just wearing what I think is cute.

Emily Beresford-davies says:

she looks beautiful in all of them

em iSkate says:

you look amazing!!!

Torishh says:

Thanks to this video I dare to dress like I want to (not showing camel toe because I don't like pants xD) and not being too insecure how I look and own the things what I wear that day 🙂
AND!! she is so beautiful!

Stefan The Cannon says:

Belly fat is gross, sorry. We all have unacceptable things about ourselves. So yeah

word_addict 123 says:

does anyone know what her instagram is

Susan Wright says:

I just wanted to say that as someone who has recently become critically concious of my extra weight (whereas I was not before) I find this video so so brave and I thank you for doing this. It is playing a part in getting me back to my previous view which allowed me to be OK with extra. Thank you so so much. Also Congratulations on the engagement!

Kaitlyn Kruse says:

she looks amazing in all of those but u had a cameltoe but it's ok one time I pulled up my pants so high in front of my teacher and I had a big cameltoe

Alison Broadley says:

Sorry, I don't think I would be comfortable with my belly fat showing like that. I would feel like the Michelin man. Hat's off to you for doing it!

Emily Laming says:

She's beautiful I didn't even notice anything with her new clothes!!

Stefanie Leeb says:

I think those dresses really looked good on her, if I hadn't known that this was an experiment I would have just thought "damn that's a cute outfit"

Stephany Nielsen says:

She is cute no matter what. :)

Cindy Rivera says:

So fashion forward, loved the outfits, love your positivity ❤️ inspired me to try some new things !

Alexis Chan says:

Idk if anyone else noticed but cameltoe???

Aidan Crane says:

I'm getting pretty hard

VirginiaInspire22 says:

i love how brave you are omg <3 <3 <3

GodDamnitAngel says:

This chick is awesome for making this video!

Julie says:

She actually looks so nice and cute in all these outfits. I love her way of thinking!

Sugglet Lover says:

You are so pretty

Anna Kelly says:

ok u look literally amazing in every outfit

Maddi Paul says:

She looks gorgeous!

Stephanie Gillard says:

If you don't like your body… Change it… It's not gonna be easy but you know

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