I Dressed So You Could See My Belly Fat For A Week

“I literally feel like I’m oversharing.”

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  1. I have a double whammy, I have large breasts and a bigger tummy. So my options are a little on the lower side, but I think I'll try being a bit more body positive and just wearing what I think is cute.

  2. Thanks to this video I dare to dress like I want to (not showing camel toe because I don't like pants xD) and not being too insecure how I look and own the things what I wear that day 🙂
    AND!! she is so beautiful!

  3. Belly fat is gross, sorry. We all have unacceptable things about ourselves. So yeah

  4. I just wanted to say that as someone who has recently become critically concious of my extra weight (whereas I was not before) I find this video so so brave and I thank you for doing this. It is playing a part in getting me back to my previous view which allowed me to be OK with extra. Thank you so so much. Also Congratulations on the engagement!

  5. she looks amazing in all of those but u had a cameltoe but it's ok one time I pulled up my pants so high in front of my teacher and I had a big cameltoe

  6. Sorry, I don't think I would be comfortable with my belly fat showing like that. I would feel like the Michelin man. Hat's off to you for doing it!

  7. I think those dresses really looked good on her, if I hadn't known that this was an experiment I would have just thought "damn that's a cute outfit"

  8. So fashion forward, loved the outfits, love your positivity ❤️ inspired me to try some new things !

  9. She actually looks so nice and cute in all these outfits. I love her way of thinking!

  10. If you don't like your body… Change it… It's not gonna be easy but you know

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