An African Appetite Suppressant

Is there an effective way to loose weight ?  There are are many answers to this question as there are diet plans.  It all depends on what is meant by effectiveness.  How many individuals swear by a certain plan?  Some say that the Hoodia diet is the most effective.  Hoodia acts as an appetite suppressant and is one of the cactus plants with a horrible smell. It works by making the brain think that the stomach is full.  Hopefully, this will prevent food cravings.    Many call Hoodia the miracle plant. Hoodia uplifts the spirits while dieting.  People often eat because they are depressed or bored.  Eating also affects the way people feel.

Some clinical studies claim Hoodia does not have any side effects.  Be cautious about this claim. Before trying Hoodia as an appetite suppressant do some research.  For instance people with high blood pressure need to talk to their physician before taking.  It does cause palpitations in some individuals.  Make sure there is an independent lab report with the product.  There is a lot of educational information on the web to help a consumer make a decision on which appetite suppressant to buy.

It is important that people are getting the right substance. Be careful there are a lot of fakes out there regarding Hoodia.  There are several species of the Hoodia plant, but only one of them has the effective ingredients.  The active ingredient of this appetite suppressant is P57.   It is a very difficult plant to cultivate and the demand for it is high.  This makes it easy to sell a fake product.  Do not rely on a CITES, an international agreement between countries.

Also, the Hoodia appetite suppressant is not a cheap product because it takes six years to grow it.  The amount and strength of Hoodia has not been standardized.  It has to be labeled as a food supplement. It is also sold under a thousand or more different name.  In general, it is not advisable to use an appetite suppressant for a long period of time.  Don’t purchase if it is does not have a 30 day money-back guarantee.  Just keep in mind there is no extensive evidence of Hoodia being an effective appetite suppressant.

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