Back Demolition Workout | MFT28: Greg Plitt’s 4-Week Military Fitness Training Program

Back Demolition Workout

Construct an unbelievable back with the MFT28 Back Demolition workout. Build thickness, width, endurance, size, and strength. Attack your back.

The back is one of your body’s biggest, burliest muscle groups. The MFT28 Back Demolition workout will build back width, strength, and density with an arsenal of intense exercises—pulls, rows, roll-outs, and even swings. You’ve got two back-building Demolition workouts today, so you’d better be ready to attack your back.

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  1. Wait..the video is 30min, but if you actually do this entire workout with all of the sets, setup and rest between sets this becomes…a 2 hour back workout. Unless you are on some serious gear there is no way you will be able to implement this in your regular training.

  2. INSANE WORKOUT…. I'm definitely looking forward to trying some of these ..

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