How To Avoid Stress And Stay Young

How to Avoid Stress Stay Young Anti Aging Secrets

Avoid Stress and Stay Young

 How to Avoid Stress Stay Young Anti Aging Secrets

How To Avoid Stress And Stay Young, One way to stay young and to hold back the aging process is to avoid excessive exposure to stress.

Stress is part of everyday life and some stress is actually good for you.

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πŸ‘‰How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young πŸ‘(Anti Aging Secrets)

Let’s face it

life would be pretty bland without some stress to add a bit of spice, but when things get out of hand excessive stress can have profound affects on both your physical and psychological well being.

If all isn’t right on the inside that’s often reflected on the outside.

In many cases, that causes you to look older than you really are.

There are two ways of coping with excessive stress.

First of all you can deal with the stress and find ways of overcoming it or better still, avoid it altogether.

Let’s look at how you can deal with the stress

The best way to deal with stress is just to relax. Relaxation is different for different people.

For some people it might mean following a hobby or it might mean playing sport or watching their favorite team.

It might mean taking a vacation or a short break or it might mean just putting some distance between you and the stressful situation.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

Another way of dealing with stress is through hypnosis.

I can personally attest to the fact that this does work.

Some years ago I was under a lot of stress.

I had a job that I hated working for someone who absolutely detested me and was desperately trying to get me fired at every opportunity.

I split up with my girlfriend

We’d been going out for a couple years but it was quite obvious that our relationship had pretty much run its course.

Although I suppose it was amicable as breakups go, it was still very unpleasant and very stressful.

Then, on top of all that, I was involved in a car crash.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

A guy ran a red light and crashed into the side of my car and damaged it, not enough to make it a total write off but enough to make it undrive-able.

It turned out that he had no insurance, he wasn’t in the country legally, the address he gave me was one that he’d moved away from a couple of years ago and the paint and body shop that I took the car to was trying to rip me off and it was all very stressful.

I started to get panic attacks, I was not sleeping very well, and some guy came to my work and didn’t know my name and was asking for me, and said it was a tall guy, thirty something.

I was twenty-two at the time. That didn’t go down too well either. I decided to undergo some hypnotherapy because I had read about it in a magazine.

I found a hypnotherapist

Actually I found her out of the yellow pages and her office was about a five minute walk from where I worked.

I had a couple of sessions with this hypnotherapist.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

She put me into a deep relaxing hypnotic trance. It was the most deep, relaxing feeling I’ve ever felt.

She gave a couple of post hypnotic suggestions, one of which was a trigger word.

She said, every time you say this word to yourself you’ll feel as relaxed as you are now.

It worked

She recorded the session so I could play them back every day to reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions.

I used to listen to them last thing at night before I went to bed so that I would be nice and relaxed so I could get a decent night sleep and so on.

It really helps

I highly recommend it. Now, of course, the best way to avoid stress is just to avoid stressful situations in the first place.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

This isn’t always possible but there are some things that you can do to minimize the situations that cause you the stress.

Think about what is causing you to be stressed and then devise ways of dealing with them.

Let’s take workplace stress for example

Lots of people feel very stressed at work and in my own case from when I was going through a very stressful time I found that the only way to actually deal with this stress was to basically find another job.

It was quite clear that my boss hated my guts and he was going to get me fired sooner or later. I might as well leave and find another job, which I did and my stress levels went down quite considerably.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

If you have a job then, again, discussing the situation with your superiors is probably the best thing to do. In my case it wouldn’t have made any difference but in other cases it can help.

Something else that you can do is to turn off your work cellphone out of hours so you’re not getting work calls when you’re on your own time and likewise not checking work emails when you’re at home.

Also, socializing with people from outside your work can be helpful because when you socialize with people from your work, what do you talk about?


When you socialize with people from outside your work then you’re going to talk about something different and it’s going to take your mind off work and it’s not going to be quite so stressful.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

Also if you find getting to and from your workplace is very stressful then you might want to change your route.

You might want to drive a different route, you might want to take public transport instead of driving or vice versa.

Sometimes actually getting to your work can be very stressful.


If nothing else is going to work then you have to do what I did which is to change jobs or change careers if necessary to find something that is actually much less stressful.

Of course, if you’re an entrepreneur then your stress levels can be almost off the scale compared to people who have a job.

How To Avoid Stress and Stay Young

What you need to do to try to keep the stress levels down is first of all to keep regular hours.

I know when you’re a entrepreneur you can keep thinking about your business all the time.

But you want to make sure that you keep regular hours, that you’re only available to clients during regular office hours and that you only work during office hours and that you actually do take some time off.

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