A Day in the Life of a Fitness Model | Ali.Gordon

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Vlog series – 02 I fly to Scotland Glasgow for a photo shoot with fitness apparel brand Body.Workz.

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Body Workz : www.Body-Workz.com (13/5/2016)

Ronnie Cairns (Photographer) – : http://www.ronniecairns.com/

Alan Mcmaster (Videoographer) :

Paul Sloway (Web designer) : http://www.baconandbanana.com/



Adidas NMD – http://rstyle.me/~8dr8D
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Elsa T says:

hey can i ask you a question? Do u get paid for your videos cz al of them are pretty good.. Love 'em all .

Alex Fullerton says:

I'd rather eat my own eyes than watch that again, who do I invoice to get the last 10 minutes of my life back?

‫جواهر الشهري‬‎ says:


bsoujeri1 says:

What does it take to meet up with you in London? Even if it's just for a coffee mate… I'm a huge fan of your Instagram account and would love to sit and learn a few things from you and just have a chat

kaitlyn holcomb says:

He is so friken hot😍😍🙈

Sui says:

Hi Ali, may I know what camera are you using? Thanks

shali white says:

Your face make me happy! 🙊

Ana Topi says:

Hi! just wanted to say that the link for the vlogging cam is wrong. I wanted to check out what camera you use for vlogging as I am looking for one too…

Diane Milligan says:

First class video! Interesting and you have a great eye for selecting detail and framing your shots. Really Nice!


OK, I've had a couple of G&Ts


just kidding – what you really need is more late-middle-aged geezers puffin your numbers – NOT


but who walks that fast ??????


Ali, you and lydia are in in a different league when it comes to your photography and production of your videos compared to the others i've been briefly checking – I can't look at them for too long. You need to keep this level, and humour which you both seem to have, nice and natural. of course Lumi is a big part of it, she's a natural too. in fact she needs her own channel, but then you'll have to up your game……..

James Welsh says:

I would loooooove to see what you eat in a day. Or any tips for someone who has no idea about nutrition…..like me :|

fnbqb idffdf says:

Can you do a video on instagram tips?

Kaun Ra says:

this guy tries so hard


How did you start doing fitness ? I mean, what was your main motivation and goals ?
I can't put myself into a sport routine !

Jiihane Bougrine says:

Great Video Ali!! I enjoyed it! Name of the track please 😊😊

everydayshannon says:

Great vid! Fun to see a day in the life! Keep up the fun vids, great editing, and cool content. Cheers from Vancouver 🇨🇦

Tricia Freeman says:

After following Lydia for a while, its so cool to see your end of the spectrum. You both have a super fun and personable style in front of the camera and in front of each other. Its really wonderful to see both your videos and get a taste of what you both enjoy:) welcome to Youtube and keep it up! Adore you both!

Zcuentas29 says:

You are a natural at this vlogging thing. Thanks for bringing us along!

mia Poe says:

A little too highly manicured, plucked & over-tweezed.. You're manicured to within an inch of your life. Are u a girl or gay or something?? SMH. Such a Girly boy.

olivia anson says:

I love watching your videos ! Enjoy it<3


Your videos amazing ! Waiting next video 😉

Luke Sumner-Wilson says:

Absolutely smashing it Ali! Proud of you man. Keep up the great work :)

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