DJ Format & Abdominal – Dirt

From the album “STILL HUNGRY” (Kartel Music Group), out now!

Video directed, shot, and edited by Daf Palfrey for Ten Pence Limited –
Additional footage shot by Steve Webb. VFX by 3:AM Design.

Order the album (digi, CD, &/or LP) here:
Twitter: @DJFormat4 @MCAbdominal

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  1. I was on vacay listening to good day, saw this in my recommend and was like ooookkkaaayyy! havnt heard new abdominal in years. leggo!!

  2. Why does this not have 10 giga millions hundred billion views? It's DIRTY!

  3. Fresh and not so clean format and abdominal!
    Shout out to giant. dope piece abs is spitin in front of. Where was this shot?

  4. Abs man, you should have carved the fabled Stubble Trouble cheek squares from that beard.

  5. Saw you lads at Norwich Arts Centre. Never heard of you before, but you killed it.

  6. sickest hip hop going!
    everyone I show Abs and Format to converts with no looking back. Best loops and raps on the market by far! As for clean version for radio plays, pretty please can ya sort that for me and I'll put it under the right noses as and when I can. Any air time is payday!

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