Dr. Sebi Bromide Plus PWD | Greenfood Product Review

- January 17, 2017



Dr. Sebi Bromide Plus PWD | Greenfood Product Review

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My review on Dr. Sebi products after 2.5 weeks of use.

Dr. Sebi’s Online Website:
Phone: 3108382490

Shipping Method:
USPS Priority Mail

Shipping Time:
1 week for delivery

Bromide Plus PWD $50.00
GreenFood Capsules $30.00

Comments (219)

  • dammmmmm she must want her own show dam I'm falling asleep lol. yes we no who Dr sebi is

    julanie moreno - 8 months ago

  • Hello,how much of the powder do you take a day ?

    La'Tree MsMorrow - 8 months ago

  • Every video with a sister doing a review of Dr. Sebi's products has the most flawless skin I've ever seen on a woman. It would be worth the price of the product just for the glowing appearance which is a sign of a healthy system. sign me up!

    Moed Prophet - 8 months ago

  • buy some capsles

    konique M - 8 months ago

  • THANK YOU! Damn you are pretty... so sorry to hear about your accident; thank goodness you are okay now.

    Piggy Corvette - 8 months ago

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