SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL – Program Overview | Guru Mann | Health and Fitness

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SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL – Program Overview | Guru Mann | Health and Fitness
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Gulshan Kumar Presents SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL 8 weeks advance fat shredded program design and created by GURU MANN.




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Siddharth Agarwal says:

please make a video of keto diet @gurumann

Denish patel says:

sir one question : i  am skinny-fat guy so what should do first bulk or cut first? shredded next level is perfect for me? in this programme first workout then cardio . so i lose muscle( without during supplement)?? otherwise what can i use??

Thirupathi Pathi says:

Hi Guru ji, Iam a big……very big……….fan of yours. you are an amazing indian. we proud to say that guru mann is an indian. Thank you so much. we love you so much. Iam following yours videos and suggestions and they are excellent.

Recently, 4weeks back,i have started Mascular 8
My Height is 170cm
before mascular 8 after 4weeks
weight 65.5kg 62.0kg
arms 15 14inch
waist 32inch 30inch
Thighs 19.5inch 20inch
chest 39 inch 39inch
body fat 20% not measured still

But i have doubt plzz clarify. Iam following nutrition as per your pdf

The problem is iam loosing muscle also. Earlier my arm is 15inch (defined arms.because iam regular gym goer.) Now my arm size is 14 inch ( no definition of arms) . Feeling so tired. No cheecks on my face. Unable to lift heavy weights as earlier.

Please reply whether iam loosing muscle instead of fat????????? Should i continue till 8 weeks.

Iam eagerly waiting for your reply.

Ashutosh naagvanshi says:

hello bro…. if we are consuming steroids , can we get away from this???

lucky khubchandani says:

Hi sir good wishes
I really do like you and your page I want to ask you that if I follow you shredded next level program in morning not in the evening what and all changes I do have to make in my schedule and diet and workouts plan

Mohammad Farhan says:

what we can do if GYMS ARE CLOSE ON SUNDAY?

sankar satpati says:

Maine 1mnth pahle gym join kiya hai n mai fat nahi hu and mujh muscle size badaba hai toh kya mai yeh program flow kar sakta hu

bhushan k says:

Hi Guru
you have great personality
you must try in Bollyood.
We love to see you as Actor

Manpreet Singh says:

the problem in this schedule is that we have our gyms off on Sunday… so should I take rest on Sunday? ?rather than Friday. ..

Naad e Ali says:

Hey Buddy, Impressive work, this might get a little longer. :p I am a guy from across the border, have been watching western guy's videos from quite a long but your work stands tall. Its simple, easy to make, cheap and healthy. I have something to ask, this meal program that you designed, is it good for a skinny guy? because i am a skinny guy and have tried loads of different gainers and got nothing in the end. The meals which are recommended by many builders and trainers are, firstly too much to digest and secondly too costly to afford. working guys dont find much time to prepare so much stuff. You added a new dimension. thumbs up. Just wanna know that is this meal program along with Whey isolate, creatine as pre- workout (or c4 extreme), sufficient for a skinny guy? would i be able to put on some weight and muscle? reply ASAP.

Eshan Bhatia says:

yeah guru bhai is back!!!! the best part of ur new program is the latest punjabi music u put beside the knowledge 😅 nice selection 👍

smit patel says:

gnc amplified gold 100 whey protein advanced plz review this product. guru mann

Yash Goyal says:

Guru plzz guide me which program I should follow in the begining??

Yash Goyal says:

thanks guru for these awesome programs!! Gud Job (y)

Jawad Mehboob Mehboob Urehman says:

background music was best!! name please guru bhi """? elder brother """" """" ,::;;

kunalkenz says:

Hi Guru … Thanks a lot for all your tips n programs. I just subscribed your program and its absolutely great.
I m using Animal cut for weight loss just wanted to know that this product is good for health or not or is it really works..! N also need a suggestion that Most of the time due to my flying job its really hard to maintain my workout routine n most of the time i have a gap of 3 to 4 days.. Is it really bad for the body or how i can balance it? It would be really great full to u have any suggestion for me.. Thanks Mann for the ossam program..

vikas baba says:

sir wat abt Sunday
Sunday gym close
so how can manage Sunday workout.

Ismail Albalooshi says:

Thank you sir

Adnan Ali says:

Hi gurumann
I need to know that is that program suitable my physique as well. i am a quite slim guy and planning to start gym to gain weight with muscles defination (Cuts)?

Nishant Srivastava says:

I lost 25kgs.. Still counting just followed workout & nutrition.. Thanks on the knees salute

Nishant Srivastava says:

Sir.. Not just your name but Literally you are GURU for me.. the ultimate guide.. U really changed my life.. I wanna share my pics before n aft.. Jut followed ur shredder program earlier like eklavya..

aman sahani says:

need help ! Am confuse .. my body fat is 20 % …..
should i follow 6 weeks shredded program first or direct 8 weeks shreddeed program ?

plz reply me as am waiting to hit the gym ..


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