Divine Health | Shop and Living Green Supremefood

- January 17, 2017



Divine Health | Shop and Living Green Supremefood

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Green Supremefood is a USDA organic Greens Blend packed with Fermented Grasses, fruits, vegetables, digestive enzymes and probiotics. www.DrColbert.com

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  • I agree with TheMrEPenguin. Starting the day with a shake is a great start to the day!!

    Kevin's Health And Wellness - 30 months ago

  • I start off each day with a shake that contains just about everything you talk about here. It is a really great way to start the day. I used to start off every day with coffee, but now I've gotta have a nice shake filled with greens and fruits and things like flax and oatmeal. I drink it and I have energy and focus for hours. I highly encourage those of you to try whatever Dr Colbert is selling. You really do start to feel healthier and younger when you eat healthy food like this and exercise.

    TheMrEPenguin - 49 months ago

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