Tips to reduce belly fat

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Tips to reduce belly fat
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No complicated stuff or work out, just plain and simple reducing belly fat tips. Tarun explains


Jitesh Khatwani says:

u explain really well big fan of urs . please help

Jitesh Khatwani says:

tarun bhai i am facing one problem ie. i hve 6 pack abs but my stomach is raised it doesnt get flat. what shdi di . my name is jitesh

chaitanya soni says:

hello sir I am 6ft 2 ich and weight about 96 kg
if I work out for an hour of 6 days a week in how much time I can get low body fat percentage and a good body
please reply
thank u

Harish Lk says:

333333th to view this …….


i dont know what is weight loss or Fat loss. Just wanna loose my belly !!

Errol Bennett says:

Very Informative !!!makes tons of sense thank you !!!!

Neelmani Ghimire says:

Good one mate !

Henderson Henderson says:

I recently google to learn more about a diet plan I heard about via a good friend who just shed a whopping 13 lbs! I actually Googled the “fizy unique plan” instantly to know more about it.

Bass Agnes says:

I have been dropping weight such as never before, implementing the weight loss plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). It’s been the most successful strategy I’ve ever implemented. Only Google "lyly amazing guide" and read all the information.

sushant dayal says:

good one

Pablo Andres JIMENEZ BARRAGAN says:

If I don't want to do cardio. Example my calories are 2280 a day with 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. What shoul I do ?

Narotam Deol says:

This is THE best explanation mate!

Javed Hussain says:

I think he knows what he talking about…… I am definitely following now

Chekaruski Simb says:

Your accent sucks mate …

ejaz khan says:

yeh video eng may q hain bhai ???????

sohail ali says:

love the way u inspire people

subash chandar says:

Hi tarun …you said "Dont starve yourself" then what is your view on intermittent fasting .I weight 103 Kg i want to lose weight and am following intermittent fasting (16 hr fasting and 8 hr window for eating). What is your suggestion. Should i follow or i should not?
Pls suggest me


Good !!!👍

Chirag Mittal says:

this is totally spot on. i have pretty much experienced it all. what i find is, you need be consistent with your workout routine and most importantly your diet.


sir mene 20 kg loss kiya he but protein powder jada expensive he or me vegetarian hu usme bhi egg nahi khata to kya karu please reply for diet

Amitchowdhury Chowdhury says:

Tarun bhai plz bally fat kamkarne k lya Hindi me bataia

Sumeet Parmar says:

tarun sir … but wat diet should one follow to reduce belly fat .. wat food in specific ???

Bilal Khan says:

finally someone making sense!
peace brah

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