5 Minute Belly Fat Burning Workout | Scola Dondo

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5 Minute Belly Fat Burning Workout | Scola Dondo
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5 Minute belly fat burning workout! Make sure you repeat this 2-3 time for an intense workout!

Stay Healthy & Luscious! x



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OOgaming says:

Anyone else come from csg

The last black sayian says:

Thank god that deji put your channel in the description you are so bad

Jonny Granted says:

I like this, this video. Came from CSG? Yes but it's not like I've ever been interested in fitness vids before, so I wouldn't find her vhannel by chance. But I will be sticking around. ;)

Scarrzz SSOTM says:


Anamya Anurag says:

How do you look good even while working out OMG

JoshE3 says:

Tryed this and couldn't wait for the 10 second break.

Traci Jones says:

Great video ..I was looking for a few more exercise to fight this post partum pouch ..perfect timing 👍🏾👍🏾

CS G says:

who come here for comedy short gamer

Dom Ass says:


Nya Rum says:


GamingWithEse says:

Are you dating Deji?

tracy belama says:

awwwww scola u are the best nd u av really helped me……love you

Sherry M says:

Yay a HIT workout! Thanks Scola

Witty Username says:


Jaime Mondestin says:

I have tried something similar, this routine really have me winded out.

billiejenet says:

You should download an interval timer on your phone! It makes it so much easier 😁👍

chino2 says:

comedy short gamer is your new boyfriend

Czaremati says:

COmdeyShortsGamer: SCOLA DONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasudee says:

I was literally looking for a video like this earlier but I'll still do it b/c I love u 😂💕

Apocolypstix says:

This is the first time I've ever seen this many guys in comments. Where are the OG scola fans? Haha

Jeremiah Tate says:

When I do mountain climbers I can here clicks in certain joints, Is that a problem or is it normal ?

ZupaDuppa says:


Jamie Moore says:

Can u do a video on exactly how excessively u have to eat if someone wants to get thinker plz I don't really know how to without overdoing it plzzzz scola I love your videos😇🤗

LishTV says:

Thank you for this!!! you're one of the few people who have a way of actually getting through to me! I love your fitness videos 🙂 x

DARNOC says:

Is this for males and females. Thx

June Stay says:

Ah Scola, oblique mountain climbers? FUN?! haha. I hate mountain climbers already never mind with obliques too! lol, My heart rate was sooo high! This was a great workout though i was super pumped afterwards! You're looking great by the way missy! xx

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