Whey Protein Side Effects – Do You Need Whey Protein Powder Shakes To Build Muscles?

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Do you need whey protein before and after working out? Do you need protein powder to get jacked? Growing up when I started bodybuilding, I was told by everyone that whey protein is needed to build muscle. I bought all kinds of whey protein – all types, and I started with a scoop of whey, then moved to two and then three. If I ever ran out of protein powder, I would panic and run to the supplement store to buy some more. I was convinced by the supplement industry that I have to have whey protein right after my workouts otherwise I wouldn’t build muscles. All of the sudden – I started hearing bad things about supplementing with whey protein. I heard that protein shakes were bad for your health and that there is side effects from using them. I started to freak out and cut back on using whey. The last thing I wanted to find out is that whey protein is bad for you. At that point, I had used all types of whey; concentrate, isolate, casein, etc. So I did my research and it turns out that all the bad things I’ve heard were partly rumors. There is some truth to them but there is no direct correlation between the use of whey protein and the result of kidney problems – but it’s other factors that can make that happen. Watch this video to learn more about the side effects of whey protein and why I think you don’t need protein shakes

Title of the video: Whey Protein Side Effects – Do You Need Protein Powder Shakes To Build Muscles?


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Ricardo Mair says:

god vids,,, only about 3%protein is really needed,,, ( non animal ) ,,,,the rest just sits on your colon, and gives you cancer,,, ,,,,whey is kind of an industrial waste product from cheese industry ,,, its ok if you are an invalid and cant feed yourself i guess

Sa Na says:

its very helpful if you talk in Kg or atleast right them in the video while u talk, not everyone understand pounds

69dragonz says:

wohooo awesome videooo

James Samuel says:

I really liked your video brother. You kept it short and sweet. You seem to be very knowledgeable and you are so charming:-)

Steve Carrasco says:

"But that's just me.."


I'm a 16 year old 57kg in weight,6ft in height please tell me how much whey should i take daily?

B. Parker Daniel says:

Im 135 and i take 65 grams of protein(keep in mind im 15)

WavierSafe64 says:

Hi nice and usefull video! 🙂
I have had a surgery when i was born and i removed a bit from one of my kidney. So my kideys splits up the work to 70% on the kidney that works perfectly and 30% on the other kidney. I go to the gym 4 times a week and train condition 2 times a week.

i weigh about 75kg how much protein do you think is good for me?
Thanks for answer! 🙂

Sry for bad grammar.

nabeel baccus says:

thanks for the tip bruh

qaiser mli says:

are you an eunuch??

Frank Kruiser says:

Is it possible to build an aesthetic physic at home with a pair of dumbbells and a barbell ?

mohammed ali suleman says:

hello , i am a beginer in body building …i heard so many time from people that ..supplements or protine make your penis out of function…can any body tell me is it true or not

Abel Jacob says:

Thank I learned so much from this video. Protein is really protein after all. But I find it hard just to use meat and natural foods. so it helps time to time to use supplements. Really informative. Thanks for the advice about whey protein.

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