When To Take Whey Protein

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When To Take Whey Protein

When it comes to sources of high quality, convenient protein, whey simply can’t be beat. It has the strongest amino acid profile of any protein source out there, an extremely high absorption rate in the body and its liquid form makes it very quick and easy to consume.

But what is the best time to take whey in order to maximize its effects?

People often ask me “when should I take whey”, but the truth is that the specific timing of your whey consumption really isn’t a big deal in the overall picture. Protein digestion and absorption is a very slow, gradual process, and muscle building nutrition really is almost entirely about the big picture. In other words, your main focus should be on what happens in blocks of 24 hours rather than small windows of an hour or two here and there.

That said, if you want to know when to take whey protein powder for the very best, 100% optimal results, there are two main time frames when it will be ideal…

When To Take Protein Powder:

#1 – The first recommendation is to use whey as your pre workout protein source. This is because of whey’s high BCAA content and because it tends to be lighter on the stomach. There is also limited evidence to suggest that it may increase fat burning during training sessions.

#2 – The second recommendation is to use whey as your post workout protein source. This is also because of whey’s high BCAA content and high absorption rate. It is also beneficial at this time for those who don’t have a large appetite following their workouts.

All in all, the issue of when to take whey protein powder is not really something to put too much focus on, but two time frames when it may be especially helpful are 1-2 hours before your workout and 1-2 hours immediately after.


Mariana says:

Good and informative video. Thank you.

Dj world hacker says:

speak for only that thing that u have written

Dj world hacker says:

bhanchod sale slow bola kar chutiya

Patel Yash says:

but if i m taking casein so what time for whey protein and casein…for muscle growth…

DANY theYAG says:

is it okay to eat 1.5g protein / lb bodyweight while bulking? can you get the same results as 1g per lb?

Jay Ling says:

i get hungry every after workout. you mean it would be good if ill take a meal 1 -2 hours after workout? cant do that, my knees are shaking.. anyway thanks for the info.

Chris ram says:

what if u use it as a meal replacent in the morning and traing in the evening

Matthew Young says:

You are more likely to die if you take whey protein……. Trust me I done physics in high school

Gamma Radi says:

So, the window that everyone talks about is a myth? Catabolic is what I'm talking about .

ស្រឡាញ់ខ្មែរ Srolanh Khmer says:

I always have it right after breakfast, and then 2 hours later i work out. Is that ok?
I m 20 ys old. Thank bro for this video.

madearisp says:

take twice on the workput day right. do we still take it on rest days? is it neccesary?

AK99 99 says:

Do we need to take whey protein before workout?

victormusic26 says:


Fra Njo says:

if all my english teachers would speak english like u, I would have in all my tests an A instead of a D!!! very clear pronunciation!!!

Stephan Alexander says:

I use the eas 100% whey protien is this good

Hardcastle101 says:

@Sean Nalewanyj you have literally answered all of my questions, speechless.

Deepak Kaushal says:

I'm 19 Years old.
My weight is 176 Pounds.
I've been regular to gym for like 8 Months.
Now , i want to start taking " Whey Protein "
Can you recommend me the name of the specific protein in Whey Category?

Thank You.

Brij Patel says:

I'm 19 and 145 lbs. I have worked out regularly in the past but achieved no results; likely because I didn't use any products and I'm kinda vegetarian. I'm starting to get back into it. My diet is still mostly vegetarian; apart from fast food chicken. This is why I want to start using whey protein because I'm worried that my muscles aren't getting enough protein to grow. Do you recommend any brands? I found this(http://www.walmart.com/ip/Body-Fortress-Super-Advanced-Vanilla-Whey-Protein-Powder-32-oz/38570793) with good reviews. Will it do the job?

Munther Alshakaa says:

I put 1 scoop of gold standard protein in a big shaker,then i drink half of it (pre) workout and the other half (post) workout is it right ?

Wilkerson says:

Ok so I just broke my finger and can't workout. Should I still keep whey protein in my diet?

Anwar ul Haque says:

I'm 18 can I start taking whey protein???

I'm a boss says:

About how long should i drink my protein shake after my workout?

Jorge J Evangelista says:

Im 14 and I'm thinking about taking whey protein before and after cross country practice is this a good idea?

BroTzki Reacts says:


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