Should You Take Whey Protein Powder? Are Protein Powders Necessary?

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cyigen85 says:

Dont do protein powder you will get ugly in the face… do normal protein from food

Randa Abdel Ghaffar says:

Does Whey Protein by ON make you bloated??

Rez Kid#11 says:

I am a 14 year old boy who weighs 220 and is 5'9 and works out 5 to 6 times a week I am naturally broad and I have quite a bit of natural strength Most of it comes from working in the woods what should my diet look like?

Michael HB says:

Can you do a video on wether protein powders are harmful for you or not

Logic is Power says:

I am a 14 year old kid. Only 5'1 and weigh 104.5. I have been working out for two months now. I do not have access to a gym so I only do home workouts. I use a pull up bar and preform various chin-ups/pull-up workouts and many body weight workouts often. I have noticed a lot of gains because two months ago believe or not i was 86 pounds at 5'0 tall, very scrawny as well. The only way i can amp up my workouts is by adding more reps. I am very active by doing activities like basketball and swimming a lot. Over the past 2 weeks i haven't been noticing me getting any bigger. I guess its because of my limited access to weights and only being able to do body weight workouts. I do not take proteins a lot in my daily meals and is wondering if taking protein shakes would be necessary for me, and would hopefully see some noticeable differences in my body for body building. Thanks for reading this long ass text.

bambamposite says:


rottingmangr says:

and remember that the whey protein is for help on your food plan if you miss some food then you cane take the protein from the supplement it is not helping you too much to build muscle thats why should  be carefull with what are you eating first of all

Oingo Boingo says:

Great vid!

Robertho Carloss says:

how many amount of eggs should I eat a day then? answer me

Bob N says:

It's obviously better to get from natural sources. Kinda hassle to prepare tho, i love the convenience.

Chuck Norris says:

what if im lactose intolerant? will whey still work?

R Kapone says:

200 grams??? taking ur god damn kidneys on override

firebird_SPLEEN says:

protein powders are cheating

RJ Mendoza says:

can you start drinking it when your big and heavy to lose weight, or do you recommend getting smaller first and using it for bulking only.


Can u use that whey protein supplement even if ur not a body builder o taking workout?

nick horton says:

very helpful video. ive heard tho that protein powder is bad for someone if they r not body builders

Chris says:

Guys use protein powder, I watched this video during the summer and thought I was getting enough protein in my foods but was not. I started taking protein recently and have INSTANTLY seen a difference in my body. Also, it's cheaper than trying to eat right all the time as a highschool/college student

J M says:

Visit and use code JM5135 on sign up to receive free protein on your first order!

Taha yazouri says:

I'm 14 am I considered a kid cause I take whey protein cause I have a really fast metabolism and I wanna bulk cause I've been working out for months and have been gaining some muscle but not mass should I take protein

evomoralesCO says:

I eat a mainly plant food diet: a lot of fruits, a lot of veggies, whole grains, legumes, nut/seeds. I have plain yogurt once a day and meat 1 x a week, fish 2 x a week.My main source of protein comes from whole grains and legumes. For this reason I add 2-3 whey protein shakes a day w/o the fat and calories meat has.

r Negoro says:

Protein powder < fresh natural protein (milk and such)
If you are cutting, it's better to fast morning and afternoon and just eat normally at night.
If you are bulking, you may want to consider low fat milk + lactase pills, egg whites, chicken .

Diego Vivar says:

The doctor told me that protein ( because the sulfur it has ) diet produces fetid anal flatulences. Do you know how to avoid this ?

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