How to Make Simple Whey Protein Shake!

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1. Milk (preferably 1%)
2. One scoop of whey protein powder.
3. Ice (Optional)


Eddie Murphy says:

2 points to correct:
– Do not ever use ice or drink cold water after any kind of sport.
– You better use protein with natural and warm water, to make sure a fast absorption.

moses guate says:

Can u make one for me? Haahahah

Khalid Jewell says:

how many gtams are in one scoop??

Baran Yılmaz says:

Thank you so Much bro.ı love all protein shakes but, your better

mick drake says:

but what is name drink

Gary hundal says:

what if i use more water

Abdulaziz Ahmed says:

nothing new

spllitz says:

When should you drink a protein shake? Before, during, or after workout?

Saw fall Lama says:

how much gram is that one scoop???

bodyfitnessworkouts says:

Good recipe I got one on my channel

Ryan Ryansd says:

how old are you now? and you haven't made any new videos :(

Justin Rodriguez says:

I only pay $40 for the same whey protein lol

TheInfinityAwesome says:

Nice vids bruh, but im just curious that how old are u ? 
Cuz ur voice look like u r still teen ….
Just askin bruh 

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