How Is Your Protein Supplement Made? – An Inside Look at Whey Protein – BPI Sports

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BPI founder, James Grage takes you on a journey to beautiful Wisconsin to show you how your protein supplement is made!

Many people use whey protein powder in their protein shakes, protein bars, protein pancakes, and other recipes to help them achieve their health & fitness goals. However, have you ever thought about where your protein comes from or better yet, how it’s made?

Whether you’ve been using protein supplements for a few months or a few years, more than likely you don’t know much about how your protein was made or where it came from. Don’t feel bad though. Up until now that information hasn’t been available. This is why we felt it was important to lift the veil of secrecy and give you an inside look into how our proteins are made, and the additional steps we take as a company to ensure each bottle of protein is of the highest quality.

BPI Sports is changing the sports nutrition game when it comes to delivering quality products.

The Chromadex® Quality Verification Seal will be added to the entire line of BPI protein powders, indicating that each product has been 3rd Party Tested and verified for quality and consistency.

Chromadex® is a leading independent 3rd party laboratory and one of the most respected names in Sports Nutrition. Now a publicly traded company, ChromaDex® was established in 1999, in response to the growing demand for natural product reference standards, services, and quality assurance methods.

The Chromadex® Quality Verified seal on BPI’s products absolutely ensures that what is in the bottle matches exactly what is on the label.

For more information on ChromaDex® testing please visit


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Its Rizl says:

This or 100% whey protein

ANGRYmuffin9000 says:

Question, do you guys have zero sugar versions of your protein?

Sherif Salama says:

ملوش اى لازمة

PC Principal says:

If you come to Turkey, your whey protein will be my No.1. And I know that you will be the number 1 in Turkey, because there are lots of question marks in Turkish people's minds against whey protein and after watching this video, they will be gone. There is really big Whey Protein market here in Turkey growing and you should be in it.

Zac Brettler says:

I use ON 100 gold whey now after watching this video and reading about BPI and Chroma Dex testing and actually seeing how the protein is made really engages the consumers trust with the product and the fact that BPI actually show the making process shows they have nothing to hide. Even makes me question the good old '100%' whey from ON going online now to buy the iso hd any recommendations for a pre-workput shake.

Arshad Alhalak says:

انا استخدم منتوجكم من العراق

Dmitri Kirichenko says:

Notice nearly no other companies show how their products are made like this that's because they know their product is full of shit and don't want to show it

Bk Hundley says:

Hey guys feel free to check out my BPI Sports review !

Just another YouTube cat says:

bpi, y'all have to lower the cholesterol content of your protein!

Synergy CoC says:

I bought bpu whey hd before I even saw this video, was tired of horrible after tastes so I simply googled "best tasting whey protein" and there was nothing but bpi in the results. Keep it up guys. Don't change a thing. Nice to have a company you can trust for supps.

Bass Hadj says:

thank you

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avengedsoul says:

well got me interested. definitely my next purchase have been curious about it for a while but this add is definitely giving me the motivation to try a new product. great advertisement!

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Anthony Martinez says:

Will BPI Sports ever come in stores, like walmart.

Vikram_js says:

WOW what am amazing advertisement! I accidentally clicked on it but couldn't leave without watching the entire vid. About to ordering the strawberry and cream tub 🙂 Keep up the work guys!

That Guy With the Pointlessly Long Username That You Are Wasting Your Time Reading Right Now says:

This is awesome, what stores are they available in for the U.S.?

Tanner Hartl says:

can I find this at a gnc?

Francois Fannoh says:

I'm sold! good stuff guys.

SG says:

Free samples please how I can get one nice video 😬👍

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