How Lifting Light Weights Can Build Muscle

Make Intense Workouts Easy:

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It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today we are going to talk about how high reps can also build muscle. Pay attention to these important tips, because they will help you on your journey to getting the ripped body you’ve always wanted.

Video breakdown:

0:40 How do I get my chest bigger? I tried using more and more weight, but my chest didn’t respond very fast.

1:46 So I used to get confused because my biceps were growing, but my chest wasn’t and I thought it had something to do with my genetics, but the truth was I did high and low repetitions on that muscle. Which meant heavy and light weight.

2:12 Although I wasn’t lifting heavy weights with biceps, I was able to better isolate my muscles and make them grow, as well as get better contractions.

2:55 So combining light and heavy weight gives me more control of my muscles from the light weight and more muscle growth from the heavy weight, so it is the best of both worlds.

4:14 It is very important that use the targeted muscle or muscles when you are working out, because that is the difference between good and bad results.

5:20 For guys who are trying to gain mass, try mixing some light weights in with the heavy weights to boost your results.

And If you want the know how I got ripped abs fast:

I used to get so frustrated because I couldn’t build muscle fast enough. I tried a ton of different techniques, but my main problem was pushing myself in the gym after a long day at work. I made it my goal to find something that allowed me to workout with high intensity every time I trained. After years of research and testing, I invented this “magic red drink” that makes working out intense, easy.

Could the “magic red drink” be the one thing that is missing in your workouts?

You deserve to know:

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  1. light weight and heavy weight makes your life much easier
    3 steps

    10/10/12 for losing weight

    10/8/6 for build ….

    give me like if u i am right …

    recording on my research

  2. I don't cae about being strong or an athlete, I just want to lok good in a T-shirt…..heavier-fewer reps or lighter-more reps?

  3. Well if your trying to build muscle you don't have to lift heavy heavy, but you do want to lift where it is comfortable enough for you to handle. Building muscle is all about tearing those muscle fibers to shreds which means going slower is going to be able to add longer tension to the muscle. Lifting heavy focuses on strength, but as you get near your Max rep, you'll tend to go slower, and at that point, that's where you start having the micro tears. Even if you went light, you would simply do slow, high reps and it still would be just as effective. For bodybuilders, your focus isn't to lift the weight, but to use the weights as a tool to focus on building muscle in certain areas so YOU can look good. The art of human body sculpting.

  4. Bicep training is isolation chest training is compound. That's the difference between the two.

  5. So is that basically what the 2-3 sets of lightweight reps are for before a workout? Mike calls them warm up reps, so I just thought it was to decrease the chances of injury.

  6. I'm so bored with bulking that I switched to light weights and in doing so, I feel much stronger and look more defined. I now lift weights for health, rather than image. Best thing I did was lighten the load. 😉 Now I can actually lift more when I want to.

  7. i went to the gym today. leg day….heavy!
    i shit myself doing deadlifts. Had to go home to wash and change. Missed leg day!

  8. I am a believer in doing light weight exercises, in combination with heavy weight exercises. Just today, I changed up my normal bicep workout where I do basically the heaviest weight I can lift for reps (about 6-8 reps, although I don't count normally, I just go to failure) for several sets, and then I finish up with some lighter sets. Instead I used a light weight and focused hard on the contraction. I did (again I didn't count, I just went by feel) many many repetitions with each arm for 15 minutes or so, and then finished up with some chin ups, and my biceps were absolutely fried. I swear I got a bigger pump than I typically get with much heavier weights. So, that to me is evidence that you should utilize both heavy weight and light weight training. The key is the mind muscle connection more than anything else.

  9. mike, could you tell me what you think about OCD, Obsessive Corbuzier's diet, basically you eat anything you like but, on a windowed time like 12 pm to 2 pm, it differs, there are 2, 4, and 8 hour window where you can eat anything, after that window you are not allowed to take in ANY calories, ANY… pls respond.. ty beforehand

  10. okay, I lost some weight and I want to toned up. should I drink protein shake while I'm working out?

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