Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise

Free Weights or Bodyweight Exercises: Which one is better? Come find out whether you should be using weights for your goals or just rely on your own bodyweight.

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  1. hey man this is the first video i ever watch of you and i realy like it how neutral you are at everthing and not forcing people into likeing 1 thing, great video tho

  2. why not both lol.
    depends on your program. you can't go wrong with military or bench press, the same thing goes for pull ups or push ups.

  3. With Calisthenics, you get more in touch with your body. You can feel your body better

  4. Street Workout. Build strength , achieve full body mobility and a great physique while having fun :)

  5. Calisthenics is the better choice for everyone who wants the typical trained beachbody.

  6. No don't avoid both I will do which one I want, Not every thing you say is the truth

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