Workout Routine To Increase VERTICAL Jump

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Idriss Chebak – Away From You

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  1. I am 5"11 and I can get to rim and grab it even with two hands but when I tries dunking with a ball the ball gets stuck in the rim, I hope this will help me get the extra lift.

  2. Can we combine these with weight training excersises like explosive strength training ?

  3. can this increase my height ?? even if I jump high I dun think im tall enough

  4. hey bro im 14 years old in 5.7 because im so law of dunking i need to increase my v- jump

  5. my vertical went from 31 inches to 34 inches in only 6 weeks this is amazing!

  6. I'm 17 years old and only 5'8 I've always dreamed about dunking and I'm gering closer everyday, I hope I will make it soon

  7. i cant jump so high so what do i have to do,cause you said that i have to jumps on that high stool

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