TOP 5 Best Protein Powders! RizKnows

– ON 100% Natural Whey:
– Isopure:

– BSN Syntha-6:

– ISO-100:

– Quest Nutrition:

Top 5 Best Protein Powders. If you’re looking for the top protein powders, I’d say stick to this list, though I’m not a physician or dietician so please do consult your doctor before changing your diet, habits, and taking new supplements. I do a lot of reviews and would be happy to do individual protein powder reviews if you’d like. For now though, I think you’ll get some good intel from this list.

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  1. Too bad syntha 6 has a 47 gram scoop, but only 22 grams of protein in each scoop. 25 grams of carbs,flavorings and fats. Stay clear of it ladies and gents,taste is good though.

  2. Thank you for the review brotha .. I've used the Isopure low calorie one but I def want to try the gold standard

  3. any alternatives to protein powder? they give me the worst shits lol

  4. Will protein powder lose its effect like creatin does, if it stays in the wather during the day?

  5. ISO 100 cookies n cream trying to get slim bulky I weight about 195 and trying to cut a lil Pudge on my stomach it's working with my workouts good stuff

  6. What are some bad qualities in protein??? (sugar, soy, etc.)? I run/weight lift and I'm 16 and I have been doing a lot of research on protein because I'm looking to buy some but I never bought any before so it would be great if you helped.

  7. every one can drink protine shakes whys everyone asking the age limit listen it's fucking food it's for everyone any age and that old fucker that said u can't shut the fuck up!

  8. Ok now for the real question, which one is the best tasting protein drink, and haves good amount of protein and stuff like that (good ingredients). Please someone answer

  9. I'm 13 and I want to start running and changing my diet and lose weight (I already am on a swim team but I want to do more to help with my weight). Is it okay if I use protein powder? I read up on it and it said that it was fine, but I'm not really sure?

  10. Liked & subscribed.
    I took GNC Gold Standard at 5'10 108 lbs, in 3 months of (3-4 days a week) hitting the gym using it after my workout (30 minutes or so after) with milk (2 scoops) I went to 140 lbs, lean.

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