Posture Exercises

Today I’m going to be talking about how to improve posture, strengthen muscles, and look and your best. Posture is such an important component of overall health and most of us don’t pay enough attention to how we sit and stand.

-Importance of Proper Posture:
1. Medical studies have shown that conditions like scoliosis and forward head posture can increase risk of heart attack, weaken the immune system, and increase chance of early mortality.
2. Posture is essential for proper bodily function of organs.
3. Poor posture at the computer is the #1 cause of work-related injuries today.

-Tips for Improving Posture:
1. Work in a good ergonomic manner and remain aware of proper posture as you work.

-Exercises to Improve Posture:
1. The two biggest areas to focus on when improving posture are the strength of the back and shoulder muscles.
2. There are two major muscle groups to focus on strengthening to improve posture: extrinsic and intrinsic muscles.
–Exercises for Intrinsic (Postural) Muscles:
1. Arm Circles- 40 repetitions daily in each direction
2. Shoulders Open and Close- 25 repetitions daily
3. “Cats and Dogs-” 10-20 repetitions daily
–Exercises for Extrinsic Muscles
1. Lateral and Rear Raises with Dumbbells- 15-20 repetitions daily, or until failure
2. Rows- 15-20 repetitions daily, or until failure
3. Pull Ups/ Lat Pull Downs- 15-20 repetitions daily, or until failure

-Chiropractic Care:
–Seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor is a great way to improve posture.
–To visit a Maximized Living chiropractor in your area, visit:
–Egoscue Method:

To learn more about improving posture, visit:

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  1. Thank you Dr. Axe, from a person with multiple future potential health concerns. All the information on your channel is priceless and extremely well said in an easy to understand way. I love how you understand the average person's life and include useful details. Thank you.

  2. Sorry, but these exercises are wildly pedestrian – especially as concerns the pelvis.  What you need to do to get really great and efficient posture is to activate the systems of torque in the body.  The joints of the body are not like hinges on a door.  When they function correctly, they create a spiral of energy that supports the body and keeps it dynamic at the same time.  It's why well-trained (stress on that word) ballet dancers can do amazing things with their bodies without bulking up.

  3. Technically any school today comits genocide to students because students sit most of their day which increases the risk of a heart attack by 54%

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