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  1. Should my shoulders or back be leaning on the wall while doing this or only my head?

  2. How many times should I be doing this excercise per day? I want to correct my posture, but how long does it take for the alignment of my ears to be to my shoulders to get into the "straight" position? Essentially how many days to weeks, etc.

  3. hello, I just wonder if I can do this exercise with a little hiper lordosis and if it can help me with this also? Could you maybe do a movie with how to fix hiperlordosis problem, thank you for your work, greetings

  4. Tremendous video. Could you ever consider moving your practice to Orlando, FL???

  5. I have been feeling tightness in my neck and chest since starting a job where I essentially work at a drawing table for 12 hour a day. My long term goal is to start a daily routine including a 45 minute stretch and workout with 15 minute shower/cooldown.

    Until this becomes available would it be prudent to do this before and after work to "reinforce" the posture I'm striving to retain?

  6. Should I do this every day for 3 mins? I really want to do it as often as I can.

  7. Man I have this so bad. It makes my upper back sore when I wake up and my neck get tired and sore throughout the day. I really want to fix my posture. I quit drinking 4 months ago, quitting caffeine now, working on quitting smoking next. After that I wanna get in all around better shape. Posture is a big step because I think it'll overall help me feel better, less sore and more confident. I wish I could come see you at your practice.

  8. hi doctor,
    i have a small hump on the back of my neck which is because of my poor posture.
    I can relate to everything explained in the video about the forward head posture.
    the exercise recommended by you, will it help me get rid of the hump and how many times should i do it in a day ?

    please reply

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