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  1. I really admire lyu. But he has to be on gear. If he's not. Man. That's unreal. Real life goku

  2. How could you say that a sport that purely trains one (anaerobic) energy system is the most athletic? Weightlifters perform tremendous feats, and are one of the most motivated and tough athletes out there, but there are many other sports that require a hybrid of strength, speed, VO2 max, and power output. Boxing and MMA would be at the top of the list for me, but that is just my opinion. If your argument is, "Well can Floyd Mayweather clean even two thirds of what so and so can clean?" then that is a ridiculous argument. The clean and power clean, however, are very good exercises for power output, but that does not in any way prove that weightlifting is the most athletic sport. Football players, for example, use 1RM cleans to further their linear power output, but they also do sprint work, plyometrics, and anything that can increase their speed, agility, and innate acceleration. It is very biased to say a one-dimensional sport such as powerlifting and olympic weightlifting require the most athleticism.

  3. I agree that these guys a world class athletes, but they are only training their body to do one or two moves. Takes much more to be an all around athlete. Speed, agility, jumping ability, explosivness, and strength. My opinion is mma fighters are the most athletic well rounded.

  4. most athletic sport? lol the heavyweight division can barely get to the platform without collapsing.

    its a great sport and i do oly lifts myself, but its not the most athletic sport. that title probably goes to triathlon or something.

  5. To set the record straight, weightlifting is one of the most if not the most athletic sport only because there is no other professional sport that will give as good as a turnover to any other sport. Power, speed, explosiveness, strength, and flexibility will all give a much better turn over to any other sport. Whether it is sprinting, jumping, whatever. There are studies and even videos that will show a weightlifters immense ability to sprint and jump, without proper training for these specifically. Gymnastics come second, even though I might incur that they will have better starting points but not absolute advantage over weightlifters.

  6. Gymnasts are far beyond more atheletic than weight lifters..

    MMA, wrestling, gymnastics are all more atheletic and on higher level than weight lifting.

  7. 250 lbs, 5'10 fat guy vs 150 lbs, 5'10 muscular guy.
    250 lbs fat guy can beat 150 pounds muscular guy in weight lifting.
    150 lbs muscular guy can beat 250 lbs guy in sprinting, long and high jump, long distance running.
    So does that mean 250 lbs guy is more athletic than 150 lbs guy only because he can lift more weight? get real, being able to lift more weights doesn't determine athleticism one bit. Even gymnastics is more atheletic sport than weight lifting as well as track and field.

  8. most boxers and wrestlers lift weights and can compete closely to a weight lifter… weight lifter will get absulutely smoked in boxing or wrestling or MMA. What good is a weight lifters athleticism if it can't be used in a fight. what good is his athleticism once he is unconscious knocked out or in a submission.

  9. I love weightlifting but I reckon rugby is the most athletic sport as it involves power, strength, agility, speed, stamina, skill, leadership, a strong mindset and, most importantly, teamwork

  10. Weightlifting is awesome.
    Everyone has their own idea of what the most athletic sport is, usually it coincides with what they do or what they wish they could do.
    I wouldn't say weightlifting is the most athletic sport, but it is one of the toughest sports especially mentally that one could ever do right next to powerlifting and strongman. No other sports require you to strain so hard you bust your eyeballs out, shit yourself or pass out on the ground from it all. There is no opponent in front of you, or alongside you. Its just you and everything you have trained for defined by a few seconds. It doesn't matter what the other people that compete do in those moments, your moment, only thing that matters is what you do or don't do.

  11. That's a joke most athletic sport my ass of these people wanna come out and show out in a sport that requires endurance and cutting then we can talk. Coming from someone who lifts on the daily for football…

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