Winner Stays On — Nike Risk Everything

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Leave it all on the field; risk everything for the sport.

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Oussama Trari says:

where's messi

Gareth Bale 11 from FangsNEWgang says:

lol, boots that aren't even out

Jdawg says:

"Son ive got fifty-thousand fans screaming my name"

TertianCurve640 says:

The dream game

Everything Guy says:

where's messi

Nilkola gejm says:


Robbi Rds says:

my favorite commercial of all time

Aboubacar Camara says:

I like this video 😈

Jacopo Mazzola says:

Spot bellissimo ahahah

Arvin Rahman says:

I was wondering why messi wasnt there then I relized hes sponserd by addidas

M Lab Of Fun says:

I wish i could have cr7 boots

BraverCLIpzz 107 says:

This was an amazing advertisement

Attique Majeed says:

lol kobe

Attique Majeed says:

lol kobe

Rayan Khaaan says:

Cristiano would never give the penalty in real life 😂😂

Asaph Melchizidek says:

Why'd they(nike remove such a good commercial?

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