Acupressure Points for a Natural Face Lift and Face Lift without Surgery

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Another beauty tip from RENEW ME®TV about Acupressure Points for a Natural Face LIft. It’s easy to do and it costs nothing but your time!

Facerobics™ is a FREE FACIAL EXERCISE PROGRAMME for all of you beautiful goddesses out there looking for natural methods of skin rejuvenation!

Go to for whole free course on facial exercises

While you are there please check out my Clinical Efficacy Trials on for the outstanding results on my RENEW ME® Laser Lift and RENEW ME® Serum

Hope you Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Peta. I've been doing the EAWM programme for 6 weeks. Just noticed this vid. How hard do you press when massaging. Is it gentle or firm? Cheers

  2. Hi Peta, is it ok to do both sides of the face at the same time using the finger tips? Counter clockwise and gently right?

  3. Love the acupressure massage. It really relaxes me at night, and I am hoping to unblock the Chi, I have done it once and I really love it. I am doing both sides at once, if that's OK. Thanks Peta for keeping it fresh.

  4. Hi Peta, do you do the acupressure points with your fingers before or after doing the facial exercises?

  5. Thanks Peta, big believer in this, we really can help ourselves age better! Why isn't everyone doing it??? You look great 😘

  6. hi peta i dont have that White thing what can i use in stead bless you

  7. Hi PETA thank you for this def going to try ! Is there any acupuncture points I can use to help tighten neck area ?

  8. Hi Peta, I love your videos and was wondering if doing a lymphatic face massage after the exercises is ok, or should I do it a different time of day? I have ordered the laser lift and am looking forward to receiving it. I will use it after the exercises

  9. I love the acupressure facial! So healthy for the overall well being of our entire body as the fact is, many of these acupressure points correspond very specifically with organ health and detoxification. Thank you very much indeed for this super concentrated version that doesn't require 20+ points! It's wonderful!

  10. Hi Peta! have been following ur videos nd found them very helpful.I m sick of my neck skin nd double chin which has just started showing. Pls help , i'll b grateful.

  11. Wow!!!!! you can actually see your face changing and getting tauter with every video you do.. Finally an exercise program with real proof that they do work. Cosmetic surgeons will hate you LOL but we love you!!!!!

  12. This is awesome. Better than any facial I've ever had!! Too early to comment on a face lift but my skin is glowing like never before. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

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