1. Looks incredible! One hell of an accomplishment, and a beautiful adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hi i want to get in mountaineering but have no climbing experience or gear , how should I start ??

  3. I tend to go there the first week of the summer season – late October or early November. Well worth it – fantastic company – Alpine Recreation. 👍

  4. Thanks man – yep it was fun, although certain things I didn't do again – like glissading that way. It's all about learning. ✌️

  5. thanks for sharing this adventure. it looked really lovely out there and seeing those smiles haha pretty sure you guys had a great time

  6. Perhaps Kiwis have stronger ankles than everyone else, but for any beginning climbers watching this, glissading in crampons is a really, really bad idea.

  7. Hopefully the course instructors have stopped teaching glissading with crampons on!  This could be disastrous if a point caught something hard.  Very old-school.

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