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  1. Just finished my first attempt at this. I'm not going to lie, I couldn't do everything. Am I supposed to do this just once a day or several?

  2. Hi, thank you so much for this video.I've been trying to start doing a regular workout routine, and have been doing a few kettlebell videos here and there, but I never found one I Iiked until I saw yours. I really enjoy the warm up and cooldown moves, they make me feel really good!

    Going to stick with your videos from now on!

  3. Hi Ron! Thanks for this video! It's very professional and the exercises are easy to do..Cheers from UK!

  4. I would do two hand swings but I feel like I'll swing the kettlebell to my balls lol.

  5. I couldn't ask for a better youtube channel! I have been using your workouts for a few weeks and have seen some major improvements!

  6. This video has inspired me to get in shape! I've been working out with this video (and some others) for about 3 weeks now. When Ron (Chi Chi) Gonzales says "Keep going Team!", I feel like a part of the team and that seriously motivates me. Thanks Ron!

  7. This is so good and professional..ladies look great. Such good body awareness and technique Thankyou

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