Zumba Turn Up Featuring Xenia Ghali “Black Betty’s Worldwide”

Get ready to “Turn It Up” in your next Zumba class with Xenia Ghali, who brings the beats with her single, “Black Betty’s Worldwide”. Dance along to this easy to follow, contagious choreography.

Download “Black Betty’s Worldwide” and #TurnItUp in a live Zumba® class near you.

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  1. For someone just starting out with Zumba, this is great! Not too fast or too complicated.

  2. facinante muy buena aguante zumba desde argentina ciudad de parana sigo su videos y los ago en mi casa con mis hijos y mi hermana eaaaaa

  3. Only watched this for the hot boys. Otherwise its crap, really repetitive lol.

  4. NO WAY… That was not horrible. That was a blast to watch. Love to see more of these.. GREAT JOB!

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