Being Fat in the Youtube Fitness World? | 205lbs Again | Posing Update!

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Ben Hyman says:

water retention. Your body can hold so much water. Go by the mirror not the scale.

Moonmanwalker says:

Love your videos bro !!!!

Matthew Samuel says:

Do stuffing videos

Gina Maiorana says:

Great message about the scale. A lot of people can take the message away. I used to be obsessed with the scale, now it's just a reference. As long as you're happy with where you are!

Samuel Bone says:

Apologies just got to 3:20 and your pretty ripped looool

Samuel Bone says:

Like i said I've been a subscriber for years I like these videos when your in prep

Samuel Bone says:

Suppose to inspire people but all I ever watch is you eating cmon man

Samuel Bone says:

Don't you get bored of eating shit?

Hazem Khaled says:

So true! Scale weight doesn't really mean shit, it's just a tool to track your progress. One day i lose a pound, I don't really look leaner, another day i gain some weight and i look way leaner than my lightest weight.

J says:

how old are you brah? Still in undergrad? I remember you talking about orgo a semester or two ago but I feel like thats a class you take soph year/20 yo but you're definitely older. Always wondered

daniel zamudio says:

+RZFitnessTV how much test do you take per week??

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