4 Weight Loss Tips To Keep You Healthy

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More and more these days we are inundated with pills, powders, bars, that are said to “make you lose weight”. Of course the small print says “with moderate exercise and a healthy diet”. It leads me to wonder then what the actual cause of the weight loss is then since most people looking dont do that already. Here are some no BS weight loss tips to help you get your sexy back.

First off, get out from in front of the tv and workout. There is no magic wand you can just use and drop your backside. No its going to take some effort, ya I know you feel entitled but your not. Get it out of your mind right now that you can do nothing and enjoy a hot body, its just not true.

Second you have to eat well. That means no excess fats, sugars, or starving yourself. Eat at least 5 meals a day plus a shake right after a workout for best results. Have a mix of vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and protein for each meal.

Third, get a workout partner to keep yourself motivated each day as well as push each other as you are working out. On those days you want to give up your buddy can keep you from dropping out and then you can return the favor.

Fourth, do yourself a favor and have a cheat meal, or day, ONCE a week. This can help you get through the beginning phase of a new routine and help you stay sane. It also allows you to enjoy that chocolate cake, or pizza that you just cant go without.

Weight loss tips dont have to be boring or complicated to be useful. Make sure that the exercise you do is something you enjoy. If you like yoga, boating, dancing, lifting weights then go do that as your primary workout, and include some others occasionally.

Fitness World recommends any type of fitness exercises to get your body moving and help your road to weight loss.

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