The Workout The World Forgot | By MovNat

This is a sampler demonstrating some elements of the outdoor practice of MovNat.
This video displays the most natural expression of MovNat and is designed to be inspirational. It does not encompass all aspects of MovNat training nor explains the MovNat coaching system.
MovNat training is progressive and safe.
Entirely based on the practice of the full range of natural human movement skills, it develops physical competency and conditioning that is applicable to any area of life.

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MovNat video “Explore your true nature”
MovNat Action: Erwan Le Corre, founder.
Location: Corsica island, France.
Filmmaking: Timothy Kahn.
Music: Tryad
“Waltz into the moonlight” and “I see”.
Thanks to Tryad for their wonderful music!

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  1. No one in the ancient times, knowing that there`s no Hospital nearby, would have taken the high risks of injury, that guy takes. These movements look pretty acrobatic and nice, but they`re not for any one. A little walking, smart distance hunting, fishing, and carry some load home by foot. That was all,folks. We`re no chimps. Neither in the bone,the tendon, nor in the muscle.

  2. Cure for depression, anxiety, and every other disease of civilization right here.

  3. I had Native Americans who did, and probably still do shit like this, but they dont give it a fancy name, they'd be like "hey wanna go for a hike?" the difference is that they did it with a smile.

  4. The world didn't forget this workout! In traditional martial arts like kungfu, movement pattern like in MovNat are trained. Westerners has been critiquing kungfu for years saying its bogus, because they didn't understand the reason for all the extra fancy moves, now finally they opened up their eyes for movement patterns that we have been practising in Asia for centuries. I can only say welcome back.

  5. Nice video. Will watch more

    Would be awesome if you want to look into my videos and channel as well.


  7. anyone know what shorts he's wearing? I need something sturdy enough for movement outdoors but also accommodating crossfit movements. . .

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