The Most Effective Workout Routine for Women

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Diet alone is not the best way to achieve a healthy body, but working out is necessary for a longer enjoyment of being in shape and having that ideal weight. There are several exercises fit for women which they can enjoy performing on a daily basis for just a few minutes. Men may appear bigger and more muscular than women but the ladies should lift some weights too to keep a leaner body. The ladies should be aware that a sexier body and flat abs are not best achieved with treadmills and bicycle machines. Here is an effective workout routine for you.

Start the day with an exercise. You can choose to wake up earlier, and with this you can take the maximum advantage of losing fat early in the morning. Before working out, you should eat a piece of apple, banana or other fruit. Also, drink plenty of water. To release the stubborn fat, you can also have a cup of coffee.

Take a five to seven minute warm-up before you start with the routine. This will prepare your heart for an intense activity by gradually elevating the heart rate. Lift some free weights for 20-30 minutes; you can do bench presses, a set of rowing and a set of bench presses again for maximum strength training. Then, perform cardio exercises for 20-30 minutes in appropriate intervals. However, you should not rest long in between periods to keep the heart rate elevated. After the work out, you can eat protein-rich foods with appropriate proportion of carbohydrates.

Make sure that the routine is performed five days a week. You can alternate the activities and allocate three days for weight lifting and two to three days for doing cardio exercises. With this kind of routine, all the muscles of the body are exercised. You can also do a split routine where the weight lifting can be performed for four days and the cardio routine can be an alternate and performed for one or two days. This can be more intense but this can manifest fast results. With this routine, you need to do weight lifting for a total of six hours in the entire week.

In addition, you can opt for another workout routine that targets specific muscles. However, this requires being in the gym for five days and do the cardio exercises at home for one or two days. Weight lifting is the secret to achieving a leaner body as the specific muscles are trained and strengthened, and the fats and calories are efficiently burned.

Another great workout routine for both women and men is the Insanity workout routine and the P90X workout routine. Be sure to check out TweakFit fitness blog to read up on the comparison of insanity vs P90X and learn more on how to lose weight.

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