My Workout Routine: 2016 Exercise & Fitness Goals

Welcome to 2016! The year where I will try to workout, do exercise and be a healthy person! The key to success is balancing your laziness with productiveness. My laziness usually consists of taking forever to get out of bed and catching up on shows like Project Runway Junior, amongst several other lazy things I do. But you should check it out, because they sponsored this video and made it possible for me to make this for you guys, it’s on Lifetime on Thursdays at 9/8c.″


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  1. These kind of videos always make me want to start working out. I rewarded bought myself a new pair of sneakers as motivation. I haven't even looked at them since I bought them

  2. Just letting you know after a meal (such as breakfast) you should allow your self around 3 hours for your food to digest before you start exercising. Another tip, carbohydrates are best for in the morning because it provides you energy for the whole day! So carbs in the morning and less carbs throughout the day! Carbs are good, not bad!

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