FREE Fitness Bodyweight Workout Routine (Upper Body)

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Freddy Ping (@freddyping) walk you through his upper body workout routine that he uses the days he is not skill training. Try it out and let us know how it went.

25 Elevated push ups
15 Tricep extensions
10 Pull ups
15 Dips
5/5/5 Straight parallel bar sit ups, 5 to the left, 5 to the right

As many sets as you can in a hour


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  1. If you are able to build that much musclemass with bodyweight I fucking drop my weights.
    This seems so much more fun to do, and not as stiff as the meathead-majority.

  2. He had perfect form on all exercises. His pullup form was impressive. His physique is amazing. My goal is to be like him but also have huge calves

  3. How does a 284lbs 6'1" gets started to become 1/2 that??? Shoot… I can barley do A pushup…

  4. Why is it that every time they do these videos there is always someone struggling to do pull-ups in the back 😂

  5. should i do this daily? and would it show some results in 3 months? i already do upper body workouts but still a beginner

  6. as simple as it is, it's still a workout when you consider how many of these sets can you do in an hour.

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