Take Your Training To The Next Level With Olympic Weights

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Olympic weights typically consist of a barbell and a set of weight-plates that weigh in at around 300-500 pounds. They are excellent for advanced lifters who are interested in moving on to a higher level in their weight-training, which usually involves the use of heavier weight in order to increase muscle gains. If you are at a point in your training regimen where you feel you could benefit from integrating exercises that involve heavier weight, then you could greatly benefit from the installation of a weight set within your home gym machines or workout area. 

Olympic weights are great for explosive compound exercises such as the clean and jerk, squat, and deadlift. These exercises are excellent for stripping fat off your body while building up large amounts of lean muscle. In the likely event that you choose to incorporate the classic bench press into your workout routine, then the addition of an Olympic weight bench will be beneficial to you as well. These benches are designed to support large amounts of free weight in addition to your own bodyweight, so instead of worrying about the bench falling apart beneath you, you can focus on the crushing weight that is actually in your hands and how you will be lifting it.

Olympic weight plates typically weigh in at 45 pounds. By doing the math you can see that 3 weight plates on either side of the barbell will add up to a total of 270 pounds. That’s a lot of weight on your hands, and the great thing about it is that it is all compressed within a much smaller size than regular weight plates. Olympic weight is great for middle to advanced lifters who have familiarized themselves with proper form and technique, and preferably have had a few years of experience behind them. Remember to always use correct form and avoid straining or injuring yourself by lifting weight that is too heavy to manage. Good luck in your Fitness World and keep training.


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