Good Posture Exercises

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There are many good posture exercises that will help reduce back pain and align the back. The fitness exercises chosen should be those that are easy to understand and perform.

Standing straight is helpful in reducing back pain and aligning the back. The other exercises are as listed below.

Muscle strengthening exercises

To attain a good posture, four types of muscles need strengthening. These are the back, thighs, abdominal and hip muscles. Strengthen those muscles by simple exercises that involve the arm, shoulders, legs and toes. In this exercise, one should first extend the arms wide to the sides and lean forward. With the arms extended to the right and to the left and one leaning forward, one should subsequently lift the right leg about four inches from the ground with the toe pointed straight downwards as possible. One should then try to balance in this posture. This exercise should be repeated regularly as possible.

Another simple posture exercise you start lying flat on the ground. This exercise involves lying on the back with hands and the sole part of the feet directly touching the ground.  The knees should then be bent upwards with hands and feet still touching the ground.  One should then slowly lift the pelvic area up and down, hands still touching the ground, neck relaxed on the ground while the legs does the work.

Hand weight exercises

Hand weights can help to build the crucial muscles of the stomach, thigh, back, abdomen and hip. Lifting weights is ideally practiced in the gym following instructions of an instructor. However, if one is competent enough, the exercises can simply be done at home.

In conclusion, good posture exercises are for purposes of strengthening muscles that are used in aligning the back. Apart from muscle strengthening exercises, ballet dancing will help in aligning the back. It is also important to lose extra weight in the process of carrying out different muscle strengthening exercises.

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