New to Fairgrounds Park – Outdoor Fitness Equipment Workout

Plan your next workout in Fairgrounds Park! Like with an indoor gym, our outdoor exercise equipment helps improve fitness, but combines structured exercise with the natural boost users get just from being outdoors. Some park patrons are finding our outdoor gym a low cost alternative for expensive indoor equipment. The three “Outdoor Fitness Zones” are FREE for users….say good-bye to the high cost of gym memberships. This simple, fun, engaging approach to exercise is helping Hagerstown directly address the obesity epidemic.

Special Thank You to Chad Smith, Owner of Fitness Revolution

City of Hagerstown, Department of Parks and Recreation
351 North Cleveland Avenue

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  1. Most people call it miracle for workout and if you wonder why Google moorack get fit miracle and check out why is so popular.

  2. Lovin this!  The track is nice, with nice elevations and variations.  Plus the gym equipment is great.  The only downside is that some people just sit on the equipment and watch whatever is happening on the fields.  Also, the elliptical machine needs some maintenance…other than that, this is a great program!

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