Fitness World Locations in India

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Fitness World Locations are worldwide. People nowadays are weary of the fact that they get fat or gain weight. So they result in cutting calories through dieting and exercising either by going to the gym or jogging, doing yoga, swimming, cycling and the like. Others however result in buying home gym equipment and enjoy these at the comforts of their home. They buy equipment like treadmill, elliptical trainer, easy bikes and many others. Although there are many brands out there, people trust the equipment fitness world produce. Fitness world started in 1993 wherein K & K Healthcare are the leaders in fitness industry in India. Since then, they spread all throughout the country making 80 franchises. Fitness world has become famous worldwide because of its quality product and reputation. As a matter of fact, it is supported by networks of sales and services. As of today, it is widely used by hotels, fitness centers, business establishments, hospitals and rehabilitation center and many others. As a firm believer of health and health promotion, they believe that exercising can help improve a longer life and its quality, reduces the risk of heart diseases and cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol; exercising can also prevent bone problems like osteoporosis; improve strength as a person ages; weight loss and weight management. Fitness world sells home fitness equipment such as motorized treadmill, the elliptical trainer and stepper, exercise bikes and multi or single gym equipment. When visiting their site, there is a wide variety of treadmill. Products sold are at Fitness world are Columbus; Scorpio; Binaro and many other name brands. All these products are motor powered, have a speed of 1 to about 16km/hour; it has a LED window that includes the time, distance, calories lost and pulse. Their treadmills also have running belts that runs from 16 to 53 inches and for safety, handrails are and holders are also made. An elliptical trainer is also sold. These are motorized and reaches to level 8 for is resistance level. The program has about 30 presets and 2 manuals wherein users can freely choose the program to be used. Exercise bikes are also sold. Their bikes have special features like high seat levels adjusted by the air pressure, it also has an aluminum upright beam which makes its sturdier and it has adjustable floor levelers. Fitness World also offers a multi-home gym wherein a person can do chest and pec presses, leg curl, triceps press down, leg abduction, biceps curl, and many others. Check it out as not time like right now to start your fitness world workouts and get fit for life.

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