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“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness”.

This aptly shows the necessity for fitness among people. Fitness is defined as the state of being in good shape and condition and about how one’s body can conveniently, effortlessly and energetically handle work and recreational activities. Those days are history when people turned a deaf ear to the need of fitness. Come today, fitness regime has acquired an important part of everybody’s daily routine.

Everyone wants to stay fit and to lead a healthy life, when work pressure is ever increasing and its related stress is making life uneasy.
All these been said, it is of paramount importance that seasoned players come up on the scene to provide everyone with their fitness needs. Thus there has been an emergence of fitness clubs and gymnasiums all around the world. This fitness industry has been growing at a rapid pace unlike any other. We know would take a look at the some of the most sought after fitness clubs- Fitness World.

Fitness World Locations are in many cities these days but they were first established in 1959 in Canada it was a major breakthrough in the promotion of healthy living and fitness. They were first in British Columbia and have been serving the people of Canada for the last five decades helping them to lead a sound and flourishing life by their modern age innovative methods and work programs. All the more it has been voted number one for the last six years in succession by Vancouver Magazine. Nonetheless it has emerged as a clear leader of the Fitness Industry.

Fitness World key to success was their vision of easy and accessible fitness to all. Its founder Henry Polessky had brought about a revolution by having put in place a series of efficient clubs and encouraging his fellow Canadians to meet their health and fitness ambitions. They have in place a fitness regime which has been proven to give lasting, effective and perceptible results.

One of the most popular icons, NBA superstar Steve Nash was at the forefront of the fitness movement. He, along with some of his partners founded Steve Nash Sports Club in Vancouver back in 2007. This club was instrumental in promoting good healthy lifestyle in a credible environment. It helps in creating a harmony between the fitness enthusiasts all around. It has firm belief in the fact a healthy and eco-friendly environment promotes full integrated well being of the body and soul.
Now in awe inspiring development, Fitness World, the successful chain of fitness clubs and Fitness World Locations has joined hands with Steve Nash Sports Club to build a brand Steve Nash Fitness World providing valuable fitness facilities to the fitness freaks. It has around 600 staff and 90 000 club members and world class fitness regimes and programmes. Thus there is a bright prospect for people to take up fitness to lead a healthy and happy life.

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