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Here is a personal BSN No Xplode review. My brother-in-law is a fitness enthusiast and had done some research on this product. After reading several reviews, he decided to try it out for himself and keep close track of the results and/or side effects. These are his findings:

Basically No Xplode claims to increase your muscle strength, decrease muscle soreness, give an extra pump to muscles during workouts, give better mental focus, and increase your energy levels:

Increased muscle strength: He only tried the product for a week, but did not find this to be the case.

Decreased muscle soreness: This also proved to not be the case, although his muscles did seem less fatigued during the course of the workout.

Extra pump to muscles: This did happen, which was motivating during the workout, but it did fade quickly.

Increased mental focus and energy level: He found both of these things did occur. In his case it felt like he was on a caffeine high about 30 minutes after taking the product. It was not necessarily a pleasant feeling. But it did allow him to become pumped up and enthusiastic about his workout.

Other side effects included an increased urge to urinate shortly after taking the product. This is listed in many no explode reviews and is listed on the packaging. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but is a fairly common occurrence.

He only used the product for a week. It is possible that the increased strength and decreased soreness side effects take longer to take effect.

This product comes in a variety of flavors. My brother in law found the test in general to be less than appealing, but there are different options to try if you don’t like the first taste.

There are many reviews online with similar findings, but as always the best way to see how it works on your body is to try it.


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