Lets Talk About Pilates Machine Exercises

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There are several kinds of pilates exercises and each of these is designed to work on different parts of the body although most pilates machines can be quite versatile. These exercises are known to keep the spine in good alignment and at the same time strengthening the back muscles and those of the stomach without causing damage to the body.

Most of these fitness exercises have their origin from years ago and they are mostly attributed to Joseph Pilates who designed them in order for the exercises to help his friends in the army.
The pilates machine exercise were initially very popular among professional dancers. The basic concept of these exercises was the control of movements. This in turn leads to efficient flexibility and lean body muscles. Each exercise is designed in its own way and most of them are known to concentrate on particular movements and this was the reason why dancers preferred these exercises to others.

The pilates exercise have precise stretch exercises that can be performed either on the floor or on specially designed machines. The floor exercises are otherwise known as mat Pilates and they are affected with the help of a pilates mat. The other kinds of exercises apply different kinds of machines that come in varieties. A good example of these machines is the pilates reformer machine.

Pilates machine exercises have the ability to offer good resistance that can be tuned to suit the desires of an individual. It helps in building strength, proper alignment and excellent flexibility. There are several kinds of these machines and some of them are custom made for particular exercises. An added advantage of a Pilates machine is the presence of a cardio rebounder that allows the individual to work on cardiovascular muscles.

Some of these Pilates machines are designed for home use and these ones are quite easy to use. They have specific apparatus and come with towers that are suitable for a home workout gym. Such machines are designed in such a manner that they can be attached to walls hence do not require a lot of space for storage. This allows you to carry out your exercises at the comfort of your home.

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