17 year old-girl performing movements most guys can’t do

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Luis-TRT :D says:

vine a ver el trasero :v #Hailgrasa

Hamza Erol says:

U misspelt the title u put "performing" I think u mean underperforming as she couldn't even lift 65kg name me 1 man who can't do that

A.1.st_NortH_ _UndeaD_ says:

perfect flick-flack respect

HerroHerrar says:

She's small and short

Evan Kelly says:

Wtf are the kipping pull ups useful for, they are 90% motion 10% using muscle.

Kristina Blabla says:

whats her Name I want to stalk

Michael W says:

Adding the back handspring thing in here lol. Thats like making a video about a guy doing things girls can't and put having a penis in it

Yoshi XD says:

For all girls getting told you can't do this or that because your a girl, just remember that they just don't want you to do it because they are scared that you will out do them.:)

Iam Older says:

Its amazingly easy to fap to this.

Undo Move says:

I wouldn't say that most guys can't do this (except maybe the muscle ups), but nonetheless, very impressive.

young Bar brothers says:

Yeah its funny because real men aren't a bunch of sexist dicks

ramzi gaming says:

why u all hate hate hate hate

Jimmy Two-Times TM says:


PR4470 says:

That girl would kick my ass and I'm a guy.

Henry Rowengartner says:

People act like this is super impressive…. It's crossfit… Basically the jazzersize of this era

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