People That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme

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Top 10 shocking cases bodybuilders who went too far with steroids, drugs and substance abuse.
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When it comes to the world of health and fitness, people tend to go in different directions. Either a person will neglect their health and live a sedentary lifestyle while eating a large amount of food. On the contrary, there are also people who will calorie count, watch what they eat, and work out on a daily basis. Affectionately called, “health nuts”, these people strive to live a healthier lifestyle. But then there is a third type of person. This type of person has discovered the art of body sculpting and pumping iron for the purpose of growing and shaping their muscles. We call these people bodybuilders. When we think of bodybuilders, celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger come to mind. Bodybuilders have spent years perfecting and sculpting their bodies. Some people see them as a turnoff, as it looks like they are stuffing pillows under their skin, while other people hail them as gods. Many bodybuilders become celebrities, and many celebrities strive to look like bodybuilders in order to prepare for a role or to make themselves more desirable for work.
The world of bodybuilding is exclusive and isolating in its own right, as only the truly dedicated will spend loads of time in the gym while drinking protein and creatine shakes. There are competitions that are dedicated to the perfectly sculpted body, judging on strength, aesthetics, flexing abilities, plus tanning color. The prize? Prestigious titles, cash prizes, potential modeling contracts, fame, and respect from others in the fitness world. But just because someone has large muscles, doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Lately, there has been a surge of bodybuilders who will take their hobby and dedication to the extreme, resulting in taking steroids and other drugs. Bodybuilding is also very hard on the heart, and it is not uncommon to hear of a body builder who dropped dead from a heart attack.
The internet is flooded with articles and videos with workouts, diet plans, and advice, all for obtaining the perfect body and developing your muscles to the point where your muscles seem to have muscles growing on them. With so much information that can be found online, it is almost pointless to look into a personal trainer anymore, which can be extraordinarily dangerous. If you are considering a career in bodybuilding, the wisest path is to get a personal trainer as well as consult with a doctor to make sure that your health is well enough to take on the challenge.
But with all activities and hobbies, there is such a thing as taking something too far. In this video, are people who took bodybuilding to the extreme, either they died from their training, they were left permanently disfigured, or they continue to pursue their endeavors despite looking inhuman. We call them dedicated, winners, or even crazy. It is a fine line between fitness, looking good, and doing the ironic action of destroying your body from the inside out, al for the sake of being the picture of perfect health.

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Sergiu Thesupergamingandroid and Pc says:

song? the final episode ?? pleasee!!

Zebulan Reinhardt says:

body builders are strong but there not shit compared when it comes to strength to power lifters

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Did thay die 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

Rich says:

oil in your arms? that's natural selection i guess

DubStepHamster says:

Sally pretty thick tho

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Is it Me or does the outro music creepy af?

Jason Giovanni dos Cresvanova says:

All Olympia pros are on roids

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Toni Montana says:

fuck that bodybilding this is not bodybilding this is shit.

WolfGirl12384 says:

looking at these muscles just make me want to throw up

Beautybee111 says:

these people make me cringe so fucking much

Beautybee111 says:

dont do drugs kids or youll end up looking like popeye

Airi Celis says:


Andy Tiscareno says:

Today is my birthday

Veganlicious says:

Zyzz has the only good looking body on the list.

bongbrain07 says:

The mountain 😂😂looks like an old mans nutSack!

Cezar C says:

Yak, they will all die soon….

Javier Robles says:

leave zyzz alone fucking cunt! haters gonna hate! God of aesthetics!

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im so happy I'm skinny

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Eirini Argirou says:

where's john cena?

sigma star says:

Synthol addict cock sucker

m0ld3r94 says:

Nobody believed zyzz was natty. He admitted to using steroids, and even published his stack. That's what made him so sympatic.

Kaycee Thomas says:

and you're ugly too

Kaycee Thomas says:

all the haters that be cussing and stuff stop cussing cuz you hating on them

EASEY3 says:

What happens if you inject 'Roids & Oil into your d**k ?

I could see it now….. "The man whose d**k exploded" ….. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Wow! And I can't even do squats

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