What are “Extreme Fitness Workouts?”

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There are those who want to know what makes an extreme fitness workout.  Simply put, an extreme fitness workout is a workout where the body is at its maximum heart rate for at least 80% of the workout.  This type of fitness is not for everyone.  It is not for those with heart conditions, or severe past injuries because the purpose of this type of workout is to take your body to the limit.  If the body already suffers from a condition, then an extreme fitness training may not be the workout needed for physical fitness.  What is most important when considering an extreme fitness training is that there is Dr.’s consent first.

There are types of extreme fitness workouts. One is a workout with an end goal is mind such as a 5k or any “athon”. Triathlon, duathlon, marathon, etc. This type of workout needs a training regimen because of the end goal.  This end goal for some is to “win”, “beat a specific time” or even to “make it to the end”.  In any case, this type of extreme fitness training is usually not the training used for weight loss.  Because of the physical fitness required to complete in these types of workouts weight should not necessarily be an issue. Although, there are some who compete in the smaller races that are still striving to lose weight, it is always recommended to lose as much weight as possible before competing.  The reasoning is that additional weight only adds to the difficulty of the challenge, but by no means is it impossible.

The other type of extreme fitness workout is one from a class at your local gym or a DVD program.  Again, many of those trainings do assist in losing weight, but it is also recommended by many of these programs that there is a body fitness pre-test.  These pre-tests ensure that the physicality of the training can be handled by the body. Doing a body test is highly recommended and if it is passed, then to continue in the training.  if the pre-test is NOT passed it is recommended to increase intensity in other workouts and then try the pre-test again in 30 days.

Whichever route that is chosen, extreme fitness: training or workouts. It is important to realize the true benefit that is provided to the heart, mind and of course the body.  Have fun!



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