How To Choose The Best Anti Gravity Boots

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Gravity boots are mainly ankle supports designed to allow a person to hang upside down freely. These are commonly used for purposes of both extreme fitness workout and inversion therapy. It provides users an extra challenging workout by doing inverted exercises like inverted crunches or squats. Also, it allows the users to experience all the benefits of inversion therapy. It can be used alone or it can also be used with an inversion table depending on the type of inversion boots that you have.

There are many different types of antigravity boots in the market. Many companies have manufactured them under different trade names. In order to get most of the efficiency and benefits of inversion therapy by using gravity boots, you will need to choose the best boots which will suit your needs. With this, you will need to consider the gravity boots installation requirements, its shape and design as well as the comfort that it can provide you. Remember that you are going to hang upside down with only your strength and the boots to support you. So it’s important that you choose the best gravity boots as much as possible. Here are ways to help you out:

First, consider how and where you are going to install your gravity boots as there are some boots that will work well with inversion table and there are some which could do well with an inversion rack alone.

Second, figure out the right size of the gravity boots for your body. Usually, boots only comes in two sizes, one is the standard size for average users and the other one is the extra – large size for larger body – built and extra tall users. Choose which one will provide comfort on your ankles.

Third, consider the safety locking system of the gravity boots of your choice. Those with double looking system are much safer to use than those which only have a single locking feature.

Last and the most important above all is the weight capacity of each pair of boots for your safety. It must be able to support your entire body weight as well as other people close to you who might want to use it.

These important things to consider before you purchase a gravity boots so that when you will be using it, you will never have to worry about your safety, instead you can relax and focus on what you are doing, whether you are doing an inverted workout or an inversion therapy.

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