Adjustable Dumbbell Sets Why They Are Better

Adjustable weights have numerous advantages over other weight sets. They are far cheaper and easier to handle, making them suitable for exercising to matter where you are. Large weight sets are stationary items, but adjustable weights such as the bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells are portable enough to be taken around anywhere. Listed below are some of the biggest benefits of purchasing adjustable dumbbell sets.

Upgradable Options

Adjustable dumbbells are the easiest type of weight to upgrade. Unlike larger weights, they not require any special sizes, brands, or shapes. Upgrade options for this weight can be found at virtually any fitness store. Regardless of what brand your weights are, most manufacturers use a standard size that allow them to be interchangeable with each other.

Best Muscular Exercises

Dumbbells are also known as free weights because you can use them in any way you want. This is necessary if you want to maximize and define your muscle development. Although weight machines are stable, they can only be used to work isolated parts of your body. Dumbbells are also much harder to use because there is no gravity helping you lift the weight. Someone who can do 20 reps with a bench press bar may have a hard time even doing 10 reps with the same weight on dumbbells. Since this weight is harder, you will find yourself working out much more.

Exercise Range

Since dumbbells are small and easy to handle, they can perform a variety of exercise styles. However, you will need to purchase different weight sizes to match each part of your body. For example, you cannot perform bicep curls with the same weight as bench presses. The adjustable option on dumbbells will allow you to easy change the weight so you can perform those different exercises quickly. Many dumbbells will also have a clamp to prevent the weights from falling off.

If you can afford them Fitness World recommends the Bowflex Adustable Dumbbells as they are awesome but if not cheap adjustable dumbbells are avaialble and do the same job.

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