How Well Do Energy Drinks Really Work?

We put energy drinks to the test.

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  1. But monster is life so is emerge no fear rockstar boost relentless blue charge bulldog and many more

  2. Energy drinks almost always immediately make me more tired than originally. Generally 5hr energy does work for me.

  3. literally just watched this to determine what energy drink you drink at work today

  4. It annoys me how I can only focus on the uncertain scientific parameters which leads this video to not yield correct and useable results.

  5. i would mix them together, slept 1 hr and off to the next job. Stopped when i had to go to hospital for chest pains…….never again

  6. Have these people never drank anything caffeinated? How do you get jittery off of 1 energy drink and also how do you still feel it 5 hours later? I'm lucky if an energy drink gives me 1 hour of energy.

  7. The drink you take depends on the situation: Take Monster if you want to get more work done in a short period of time. Take the 5 Hour Energy if you want to get work done over a longer period of time and you know it can't fit in the "energy period" of Monster, then take Red Bull if you're just drowsy and want to wake up.

  8. the problem with this is you must consider if you have caffeine every day your tolerance will build quite quickly, and caffeine is a big deal in all of these

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