Four Commonly Held Myths About Energy Drinks Debunked

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There are several myths held about energy drinks that need to be urgently debunked. That is what we venture to do. The said myths would include the ones to the effect that:

1. All energy drinks are addictive: that is an overgeneralization. It is true that some energy drinks are addictive (due to, among other things, their high caffeine levels). But that is not the case with ALL energy drinks. If energy drinks are addictive, they are not any more addictive than most other substances that make you feel good – in a situation where you would feel specially drawn to anything that makes you feel good (and feeling energized is definitely a good feeling), and repelled from anything that makes you feel bad.

2. All energy drinks work instantly: sure, some of the energy drinks deliver some instant results. But there are others that take a little more in delivering their results. This expectation for instant results is one of the things that led people into disillusionment with the energy drinks, when they take them in hope of getting an instant energy-fix, only for the drinks to fail to deliver on that. In any case, most of the energy drinks that deliver instant results only work psychologically, by making you feel instantaneously energized; though it is likely to be some time before the actual physiological rise in energy levels starts manifesting.

3. All energy drinks are harmful (in the long run): that too is another negative overgeneralization. Most of the energy drinks are approved by the relevant government agencies charged with the role of ensuring that the things the members of the public are made to use are not injurious to their health. Most of the people who go about saying that all energy drinks are harmful turn out to be people with other agendas. They will, for instance, tell you how harmful energy drinks are, and then turn around to provide you with their own natural (and hence ‘safe’) alternative.

4. Energy drinks, alone, can make one exercise more: there is no doubt that energy drinks can increase a person’s predisposition towards physical exercise (for we are more predisposed towards physical exercise when we are more energetic). There is also no doubt that the best energy drinks can increase one’s actual energy levels, making them more capable of exercise. But it takes a little more to put  up a reliable exercise regime. Things like investments in proper exercise equipment will go a long way, alongside the use of energy drinks, in improving one’s chances of success at fitness exercises.

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