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Who Run the World? Come find out at the ZLF experience! Sat Oct 13th @ 10am. Be Fit Health Studio in Lake Mary, Fl! Looking forward to seeing you there! We do not own the [More]
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Life Coach Clarissa Calingasan on Transformational Journey… How, What, When, Where and Why Dreams do Come True. Love is the Door, Faith is the Key. www.coachclarissa.com www.lifecoachclarissa.com
Part 2 is here sorry for the wait but gonna post every week a video now, wanna be on track with youtube. Big things are coming my way !!! Hope you all gonna be with [More]
Big things are coming if you think outside the box, never let you goals on the side line just because you having a hard time or you standing alone for, some people around you will [More]
Bazuka Workd Fibo 2016 The first time in my life that i have been to a Fitness expo and i loved it, its showed me also why i love this sport so much. Motivation was [More]
Venice, California provides the perfect environment for the complete fitness life. It’s where the sport of bodybuilding began, it’s by the beach, and it’s home to the world’s greatest gym, Gold’s. IFBB Men’s Physique Pro [More]
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Gyms in Iowa City, Iowa. A video tour of new life fitness world
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