Three Easy Exercises to Lose Weight

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If you are looking to lose some weight through a form of exercise, there are plenty that you can do but not all are as easy as others. For many people, the thought of having to go to a gym simply does not appeal to them. Others don’t like the idea of running or playing team sports. But there are three very easy fitness exercises that most people can do that will help boost the metabolism and get you active enough to start reducing your waistline without doing anything that you might think of as difficult or that you need any special equipment for.


Swimming is an easy one and a great way to ensure all of your body’s muscles get a mini workout while you are having a good time. This form of exercise is included in many of the tips for weight loss because it gets you moving and burning calories. Of course it does mean you have to actually swim while you’re in the pool, but you can mix that up with enjoying yourself with friends or even meet new friends at your local pool.


Of all the exercises that you can do, walking has to be the easiest. As long as you treat it like an exercise and not just a leisurely stroll, then it can help you to burn calories while improving your fitness levels. You need to ensure that you walk faster than normal, but not so fast that it’s uncomfortable. Walking up and down hills is better as it makes you work a little harder and burn more calories, but as long as you keep going for a reasonable length of time, it does you good.

Taking the Stairs

This is something that plenty of people miss out on, especially when they work in a building that has an elevator. Its way too easy to simply get in the elevator, or if you are in a shopping mall to take the moving stairs and just stand there until you get to the top. The smart alternative is to take the alternative, which is walking up and down stairs. In an average day, you can travel up and down several flights of stairs and each time you do it instead of taking the easy option, you are burning calories and strengthening your leg muscles and toning up thighs and backside.

It’s not difficult to find easy ways of getting some daily weight loss exercise if you just look and see where it can come from. Keeping it simple and enjoyable means you get to lose weight and tone up without it seeming like you are putting any extra effort too!

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